index.loriI’m Lori Viets (VEEts) and I used to run a brick factory in my kitchen!  For years I struggled to make healthy 100% whole wheat bread for my family, but I was always disappointed by hard, dry “bricks” nobody would eat. So much wasted time, money, and effort!

I finally figured out the problem wasn’t me, it was the recipes and traditional cookbook methods I was using. They were perfect for refined, white-flour bread, but making whole grain bread that actually tastes yummy requires a totally different approach.

I would love to teach you how to make your first successful loaf of bread OR inspire you to return to breadmaking with renewed energy!
If you prefer to learn from a book with photos, I’ve written one for you. It’s called No More Bricks! Now you can find out what other cookbooks won’t tell you:

  • Brick-buster Secrets
  • Understanding Mysterious Gluten
  • Base Flours and Blending Flours
  • How to Customize Your Recipe
  • Freezing Bread or Dough

Available at Amazon, PleasantHillGrain.com, and various other retailers


Would you enjoy watching a real person show you how to make bread step by step? Then pour yourself a cup of tea and relax while I walk you through the process a little at a time.DVDs currently available on PleasantHillGrain.com

My book teaches you how to make bread using any type of mixer or machine, or even no machine at all. For the utmost speed and convenience, I use the Bosch Universal Plus mixer and NutriMill grain mill in my kitchen.