Do you like to say bi-SCOTT-i or bi-SCOAT-i?  I prefer bi-SCOAT-i, but I think I said it both ways in the video, so you should be happy in either case!

whole wheat orange almond biscotti

Cream the butter and sugar; add eggs and extracts

whole wheat orange almond biscotti

Add dry ingredients; mix well; fold in zest and almonds. See video for shaping steps.

whole wheat orange almond biscotti

Click to print the recipe:

Whole Wheat Orange Almond Biscotti

6 Responses to “How to Make Whole Wheat Orange Almond Biscotti”

  1. avatar Mary

    Thank you, Lori, for the video and recipe. I’m ready to make yummy treats. The dipping in chocolate is a great idea!

  2. avatar Angela

    Love this! Thanks for showing shaping the logs, I really needed that. I tried a chocolate biscotti recipe earlier and mine crumbled a lot during the slicing. Would letting them cool more or less help with that?

    • avatar Lori

      Yes, I saw your blog and thought it was funny we both made biscotti the same day! You were faster at posting yours, though! :-)
      Mine seems to crumble regardless of cooling time – partly due to the whole wheat flour, I think. Sometimes I get distracted and let it cool a little too long before baking it the second time, in which case it crumbles even more.

      • avatar CNauman

        I’ve made lots and lots of batches of biscotti, all of which had significant crumbling (especially when using almonds) UNTIL I tossed the baker’s convention of using the serrated knife… After cooling the recommended time (my recipes usually call for 15 mins.) and using a freshly sharpened chef’s knife or carving knife, I have absolutely NO crumbling at all; no matter the wheat to white ratio or nut/seed content when using a regular knife. Contrary to what you would think, the tender loaves aren’t smashed, either. I just did several batches today and there was barely a trace of fine crumbs on the cutting board.

        On a slightly different slant – I like the effect of using an egg wash and sprinkling with “sparkling” sugar. The effect is pleasant and professional looking!


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