Do you know about The Grocery Shrink? My friend Angela Coffman used Dave Ramsey’s principles and her own savvy methods to bust over $85,000 in debt and transform her family’s lives to debt-free abundance. She shares all her secrets for feeding her family of 7 (soon to be 8!) on just $50 per month per person.  Recently, the 700 Club filmed a  feature story of Angela helping a viewer learn to buy groceries for less.  Wow!

Angela Coffman, the Grocery Shrink

Angela Coffman, The Grocery Shrink

Angela asked me to write an article for her blog about whether making bread at home is really worth the effort.  I reveal what it costs me to make a loaf of bread my way, and gave some price comparisons for buying in bulk vs. buying at a regular grocery store in my area.  You can read it here.

I also included a handy chart to help you figure the cost of bread the way you make it, with your local prices, so you can see exactly what you’ll save.  It could even help you decide if selling bread for profit is an option for you.   (Back in the day, I used to sell bread to friends and my husband’s co-workers to help pay for my treasured Bosch mixer & Nutrimill grain mill!)

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