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  1. avatar Eleanor Hoffmann

    I took your class anumber of years ago in Overland Park, KS. I have been happily using your book sinc. I have two questions.
    !. I recently ran out of wheat to mill and used stoneground whole wheat flour from a package to bake my bread. All the ingredients were the same. When I tasted the bread it was a little bitter. I thought the other ingredients may have spoiled, so I tasted a loaf I made a few days age with my hand milled wheat. It was perfect. Why the difference?
    2. I have been useing your book so much lately, it’s starting to get a little stained. Is the book still being published should i need a new one?
    Eleanor Hoffmann

  2. avatar Lori

    Hi Eleanor!

    I remember you! How is your daughter, Rachael, I think her name was, who came with you to class?

    I have two answers:

    1.What you are describing is probably the best argument for grinding your own wheat! Whole grain flour that sits around for any length of time turns rancid, causing the bitter flavor. Same thing with butter or nuts that have been around too long – they develop an acrid, bitter taste. Natural oils (like wheat germ oil) spoil when exposed to air. It can happen in as little as 7 days, or some say within 3 months.
    2. Yes, my book is still available when you need it. It even comes in ebook form now, so you can print off new pages if they get stained again! :)

    happy baking,

  3. avatar Suzanne Jones

    Hi Lori,

    I took your class in April at the Kansas City Homeschool convention. I recently sent you a pic in an e-mail that my daughter and I made of our first loaf of bread. I have a couple of questions.

    You mentioned you would post the picture in the members’ picture gallery (or what not) and although I have seen that before, I can’t remember how to find it now.

    Also, I had a very nice print out of your master recipe with a color version of your logo at the top. I didn’t laminate it as you suggested…consequently I ruined it when I took it with me to make bread at a friends house. (You were right.) I can’t remember where I got it from… at your bread class, or if I printed it off from your site…SO, I was wondering where to get another of those? I printed off your e-book so I could read at my leisure, but the master recipe in there isn’t in color. (It may help to know that I had a baby in between the time I took your class and now, and that MAY be why I can’t remember things!)

    Also, I love your videos and website and the comments and helps, but I only subscribed to the 6 months…what happens after that? Do you have a continue option?

    Also, I REALLY enjoyed your class, and your videos. I wasn’ t sure how much more I would get out of reading your book so I saved it for last, but it is GREAT!!!

    Suzanne Jones

    • avatar Lori

      Hi Suzanne, I got your picture – thanks! I took the photo gallery down temporarily, so I could reformat it. It will be October before I get it back up, since I’m out of town a lot until then.

      You can find a copy of the color recipe card to download on my blog at or on my facebook page at .

      I can renew your online class for another 6 months or you can get the lessons archived onto 2 DVDs. I’ll send you the special “alumni” rate info for both of these options.

      Congrats on your new baby, and I’m glad you enjoyed the class!


  4. avatar Suzanne Jones

    Oh yes, also I keep trying to subscribe to your RSS feed and that’s not working for me. Is that common?

    • avatar Lori

      Ummmmm, I probably don’t have that set up at all. The RSS button just “tagged along” with the facebook button I added. I don’t consider myself a regular blogger, but I do send out emails and facebook posts.

  5. avatar Lori

    Hi Lori,
    I purchased your book at the MPE Homeschool Conference last April. I haven’t started making bread yet, but want to take your class this April. Will you be at the conference? If so, I’d like to plan on purchasing the mixer from you then, could you tell me how much it will be so I can budget for it? Also, I was thinking about getting a BlendTec as my grain mill, what do you think about that? Do you have any experience with them vs. a traditional mill?
    Thanks for your time,

    • avatar Lori

      Hi Andrea,

      I don’t think I’ll make it back to MPE this year; we moved to southern Utah a few months ago. I have used the BlendTec in the past and personally don’t care for it. The motor is located inside the lid, and it’s awkward to remove it each time to get to the flour bin underneath. The Nutrimill is quieter, holds more grain in the hopper, and has a lifetime warranty. The bowl pulls out easily, too. I will add a comparison chart to this post, showing the differences between the two. I will also email you pricing and ordering information. Thanks! Lori

  6. avatar Shirley Hendrickson

    I am not able to bring up the menu on my upstairs computer. That is the only printer I an print

    • avatar Lori

      Hi Shirley,

      Look near the top of the computer screen for an icon of a “torn page” and click on it. It’s called compatibility mode, and this usually makes everything appear on the screen. If it does not, I can have you try some other things.


  7. avatar Angie Hughes

    I want to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed your class. I’m 67 and have made bread off and on. You can still teach an old dog new tricks. Thank you,

  8. avatar Susan King


    I am one of your L’Equip Demonstrators. I just ordered your book from your web site. Please inscribe it for me. Thank you so much.

    Susan King
    South Carolina

  9. avatar Terry

    I ordered your DVD set recently and just had a chance to watch it. It is great! I have been baking white bread and sourdough bread for over 25 years but just this year started grinding my own wheat and making 100% whole wheat bread. My family just loves it and so do my friends. I learned a lot about the wheat berry and it’s different parts from you. Your visuals are exceptional! I do have a question. The bread recipe I use now makes 3 1-lb loaves of bread and I bake them in 8-1/2 x 4-1/4 inch pans that are 2-1/2 inches tall.
    Your loaves are 1-1/2 lb loaves so I was wondering what size pans do you use and if you can tell me where you purchase them from?
    Thank you,

  10. avatar Irene Orem

    Do you do know anyone who does demonstrations in the Cincinnati, OH area? I am in charge of a series of bread making classes for an ILR class connected with Miami University in Oxford. I use the Nutri Mill to grind wheat berries, but would love to have a professional demonstration at the beginning of the class. The classes begin October 7 and run through November 8. Computer problems caused me to lose the names of people you sent to me who might be possible sources of grin.

    • avatar Lori

      Hi Irene, I checked with my contact in Louisville, KY who travels up to Cincy for grain deliveries and demos. Her name is Malia Russell, and she will contact you directly via email.

  11. avatar Kat

    Hi Lori, I am enjoying your book :-)
    Having problems finding Blue Chip Baker dough enhancer and vital wheat gluten anywhere. Can you give me other similar products? Thanks Kat


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